Writing technical instructions

Each person has different learning habits; some like texts while others are better off with pictures. In many cases it is appropriate or even necessary to conduct one or more rounds of usability tests as you perfect your instructions.

Use a bulleted list like this list when the order is not important for example, when the reader can choose between different options. As you read the following on common sections in instructions, check out the example instructions starting on page. This writing assignment asks you to include illustrations or other kinds of graphics--whatever would normally be used in the instructions.

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There are ways to overcome these problems! Some preliminaries At the beginning of a project to write instructions, it's important to determine the structure or characteristics of the particular procedure you are going to write about.

Writing technical instructions

Graphics in instructions Probably more so than in any other form of writing except maybe for comic booksgraphics are crucial to instructions. Be sure to be descriptive in what you want to find out.

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Do not leave out articles such as a, an and the. Nested steps.

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This includes equipment, the tools you use in the procedure such as mixing bowls, spoons, bread pans, hammers, drills, and saws and supplies, the things that are consumed in the procedure such as wood, paint, oil, flour, and nails. In this case, you indent further and sequence the sub-steps as a, b, c, and so on. Now remember: you may not need all of these elements, and some of them can combine neatly into single sentences. And finally there exist instructions that really cannot use numbered vertical list and that do little if any straightforward instructional-style directing of the reader. In this case, you indent further and sequence the substeps as a, b, c, and so on. Putting this information into a table format often works the best. Common sections in instructions The following is a review of the sections you'll commonly find in instructions. For information on use, customization, or copies, e-mail hcexres io. For certain instructions, this background is critical—otherwise, the steps in the procedure make no sense. Include strong sections of definition, description, or both, as necessary, using the guidelines on content, organization, and format in the chapters on definition and description. If possible, divide a long list of instructions into two or more different tasks. Make sure you use the class style and format for all headings, lists, special notices, and graphics. Based on your findings edit and update your instructions. You want the actual step--the specific actions the reader is to take--to stand out. You need to display warnings in a clear and understandable fashion.
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