Ways to reduce poverty in india essay

This is relatively because economic growth brings with it a number of reforms i. What are Effects of Poverty Some of the effects of poverty are like: Illiteracy: poverty makes people unable to get proper education because of the lack of money.

how to reduce poverty in india essay

Transform our minds through motivating each other. It is a need based programme hence no target of employment generation has been fixed. Insufficient education is a significant factor contributing to poverty high level.

For example, the one-dollar consumption expenditure per capita in PPP dollars is the absolute poverty line accepted internationally. The Government has revamped programme for raising the incomes of the people living below the poverty line, particularly in rural areas and the public distribution system has been extended to the most backward block for supply of essential articles of mass consumption to provide a measure of protection to the poor against inflation.

Impediments to trade in farm products were removed. We need to respect and learn from our experienced elders.

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It also discusses the situation of the so-called Dalits untouchableswhich are typically considered to fall. Empowerment moved away from its perception of a solely economic process to an outcome of interaction of economic, social and political forces, and had to be achieved by making state institutions more responsive to the needs of people.

The Task Force defined the poverty line as the mid-point of the monthly per capita expenditure class which have a daily calorie intake of 2, per person in the rural areas and 2, in urban areas of the country. State-wise poverty ratios have witnessed a secular decline from to Little is known of their and labour in the growing cities.

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