The purpose and idea behind setting up the electoral college in the us

This happened to George W. Only two U. Further information: United States congressional apportionment State population per electoral vote census A state's number of electors equals the number of representatives plus two electors for both senators the state has in the United States Congress.

This so-called "indirect election" process has been the subject of criticism and attempted reform, though proponents of it maintain that it ensures the rights of smaller states and stands as an important piece of American federalist democracy.

Bush inwho lost the popular vote to Al Gore by. These votes are then sealed and sent to the president of the Senate, who on January 6th opens and reads the votes in the presence of both houses of Congress.

House of Representatives. This trend took place over the course of the 19th century. First, they thought 18th-century voters lacked the resources to be fully informed about the candidates, especially in rural outposts.

Too much opportunity for chummy corruption between the executive and legislative branches. Separate ballots are cast for President and Vice President, after which the Electoral College ceases to exist for another four years.

electoral votes by state

The Electoral College in the U. A candidate must receive a majority of electoral votes to be elected president.

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Why Does the U.S. Have an Electoral College?