The impact of mao zedong on chinese society

mao zedong legacy

China continues to imprison Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo for co-authoring a call for ending the communist monopoly on power, and civic and legal groups outside party control face constant harassment and persecution.

Let a hundred flowers bloom. He then required communes to produce their own steel, which led to large-scale melting down of kitchen cooking pots and farming implements. Women's rights were further promoted by the enforcement of the Marriage Law ofwhich guaranteed the equality of sexes in marriage.

The two leaders threw their support to Deng Xiaoping who had been purged during the first phase of the Cultural Revolutiona development opposed by the more radical Jiang and her allies, who became known as the Gang of Four.

mao zedong impact on society

Many of those beaten and publicly humiliated later committed suicide. Paradoxically, although his campaigns inflicted a great deal pain and suffering on his people, the people of China continue to have a great love for Mao.

Effects of the cultural revolution

Large quantities of politicized art were produced and circulated with Mao at the center. Officials at all levels of the political system had learned that future shifts in policy would jeopardize those who had aggressively implemented previous policy. At a state banquet, he was seated near the actress Shirley MacLaine, who told Deng how impressed she had been on a trip to China some years earlier. The resulting damage to that system was profound, and the goals that Mao Zedong sought to achieve ultimately remained elusive. Many scholars claim that without the Cultural Revolution, China could not have begun its subsequent period of modernization. Economic tensions deriving from Mao's command economy also linger. Some 1. These false numbers were meant push people to meet ever-higher goals, while the reality was that people were literally starving to death. A personality cult quickly sprang up around Mao, similar to that which existed for Josef Stalin, with different factions of the movement claiming the true interpretation of Maoist thought. While a balance between the two groups would be reached only after a period of years, in the short run the tide quickly shifted in favour of the latter group. Citation Information. Perhaps China could move towards a democracy in the years to come. While he did not support birth control, he did encourage women to be the equal of men.

Years of double-digit-percentage increases in China's military budget — now the world's second-largest — have transformed the army into an increasingly high-tech and battle-proficient force, despite not having engaged in any major conflict since Mao's state has actually grown with the reabsorption in recent decades of the former British colony of Hong Kong and Portuguese colony of Macau.

While a balance between the two groups would be reached only after a period of years, in the short run the tide quickly shifted in favour of the latter group.

The impact of mao zedong on chinese society

Here are some ways Mao's influence lingers in today's very-different China. Their feelings for him were so strong that many followed his recommendation to challenge all established authority, including their parents and teachers. Inhowever, Mao suffered a stroke; in the same year, Zhou learned he had cancer.

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China media: Mao Zedong's legacy