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Despite the indifferent response, I am a-tingle! He stares back at me, cold and glassy-eyed. Last year was our inaugural snowbird experience at this plus park. Mist, floating free of the fog, rose, illuminated and golden, before disappearing into the light of the sun.

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Eg say "there was a Telling is simply moving the story along: "We returned to the tents for a well-earned rest. Shutterstock 1. Grizzlies, geysers, gushers, oh my!

The undisturbed setting is a welcoming change from the bustling city I left behind earlier in the day.

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And while getting where they want to go they all exude that effortless, scandi-cool style. Approaching the mouth of the Tiber River, excursion guide Sophia introduces our destination: ancient Ostia.

Yes, this gem has earned the accolades. Our hotel manager, Asen, has exuberantly offered to drive my husband Rick and me around the countryside on his days off!

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