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Does that annoy you? It depends who is criticizing. When you have limitless options in terms of realizing 3-D prototypes, it just opens up too many possibilities. Many companies now talk about the value of being design-driven but struggle to make it a reality.

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When I look at that thing, it feels like a sort of long-lost child. Interviewed by James de Vries How did you learn to navigate the world of big business? And it is very often counterintuitive. I grew up traveling, so I love it.

In Newson was named creative director of Qantas Airwaysfor which he designed luxurious first-class lounges in the Melbourne and Sydney international airports. You started in Sydney but have lived in Tokyo, London, and Paris.

How do you make time for the inefficiency of cogitating?

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But the limitations that are imposed by having to do things in an analog way drive creativity. I love recontextualizing these things in a modern time.

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