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Writing with power: Techniques for mastering the writing process 2nd ed. We cannot allow empirical research on writing assessment to fall stagnant or even to become limited by the most commonly accepted assessment tools.

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As long as the majority of the rubric focuses on the concepts underlying the purpose of the writing, the SPR will not allow any one criterion to overrule the creative and critical thinking in the writing. The needs of the student often get lost in the debate among other stakeholders, but they are also the first to suffer when negative change occurs. Writing never goes away. Huot explained that writing assessment cannot be responsible without acknowledging context. Updated August 07, An essay rubric is a way teachers assess students' essay writing by using specific criteria to grade assignments. Fluckiger, J. This rubric was generated with a section of my junior English 3 class, which contained 27 students, most of whom had never written a research paper longer than two or three pages before this unit. Had Diederich et al.

Diederich, P. Despite the issues with these tools, they did offer a few significant benefits: As Bob Broad pointed out in What We Really Value, they legitimized the use of direct assessment of writing, created a common language for writing assessment, and attempted to streamline the assessment process.

However, teachers are or should be focused on the challenge of helping the writers in front of them. It is my belief that Rubistar represents the average analytical rubric design concept and assessment criteria.

Educational Testing Service Research Bulletin.

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The SPR does not contain the series of boxes my student and her father expected. Towards a new theory of writing assessment.

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The first of these promises is that of clarity in expectations. As far as surface errors and dialectical issues may go, the SPR keeps teachers honest to the balance they establish for their students when announcing evaluation criteria. Now it is your turn to evaluate the assignment according to the criteria on the rubric. Second, a rubric gives students valuable guidelines before and during the writing process. Assessing Writing, 1 1 , Though teachers individualize their rubrics to the context of their assignments and course, I chose to use a rubric created through the Rubistar generator, which is hosted by the University of Kansas and available at www. In , Peter Elbow first published Writing With Power, in which he detailed the differences between criterion-based feedback and reader-based feedback. First, using a grading rubric makes it clear for students what exactly will be evaluated in their essays and research papers. Huot explained that writing assessment cannot be responsible without acknowledging context. Of course, all three of these tools could be formatted and visually structured in a variety of ways, but the three figures here represent the average or most common style. Spandel, V. College Composition and Communication, 47 4 , The wording of the holistic rubric in figure 2 does just the opposite.

They might have considered the context of the writing, the background of the distinguished readers, and the assessment criteria provided. This type of situation is the exact reason why I use SPRs instead of their holistic and analytic siblings.

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Even if every student struggled in different ways, the teacher can easily see how many students struggled and what concepts deserve more time and practice. Third, once the assignment has been graded, a rubric indicates to the student what parts of their writing needs improvement while showing them what parts of their writing is adequate or even proficient.

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