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The system has a strong orientation towards data security and, in fact, aims to set the standard on preventing data leaks. Mozenda Mozenda is a cloud based web scraping service. Analytics is embedded to your application so you can extend it for any use case such as machine learning, benchmarking, basic reports, and advanced analytics.

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The software provides you all the key data and metrics you need for understanding the experience of your visitors. It also leverages AI to provide you with the relevant metrics you need.

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It offers a visual data sourcing and preparation environment, plus alerts that notify users when a given metric falls outside a configurable threshold. A data analysis tool to help you create graphs fast even for non-technical users, this software can also integrate with Excel for data organization and PowerPoint for presenting outputs. You can then directly forecast and predict outcomes by building predictive models and prototypes. It aggregates distinct data sources into one single source of truth and then utilizes advanced analytics and BI reporting in order to make the most out of them. Moreover, it is pertinent that you have a clearcut idea of how to use it to your advantage. Birst Birst is a solution that utilizes data analytics in a network that connects your insights for making smarter business decisions. Other Recommended Solutions Actian. No need for manual coding. To know more about the pricing details, you will have to contact them. It provides many useful utility features for data extraction. It provides many classification and regression algorithms. Its specialty lies on its 2-tier approach for end-user data visualization, querying, and production-oriented business intelligence. By gathering location, access, authentication, timestamp, and authorization data, this functionality can help analyze utilization and strengthen security practices. In addition, it offers services for data access, governance, security, and operations.

Insights sharing. It allows you to use visual programming for the data analysis process. Available for cloud and on-premise deployment.

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Infogram Infogram offers over 35 interactive charts and more than maps to help you visualize your data beautifully. Built-in reports show patterns and detailed reactions. And a lot of its modules are written in R itself. Qlik can be extended and combined with other technologies using APIs. Windows, Mac, and Linux. Tableau Server can easily house recurring reports. It provides a web-based interface and real-time analytics.
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10 Best Data Analysis Tools For Perfect Data Management