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Hospitality and travel guests expect from hotels the same innovation delivered by brands they use in their daily lives.

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A successful hotel delivers excellent quality service to customers, and service quality is considered the life of the hotel. In the opposite case, if the result is lower than expected, we have negative confirmation.

That way you can understand the reasons and use this knowledge to fix the problems.

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Management, 5 3 , To learn and understand the important factors in service quality dimensions applicable to hotels 2. Measuring customer satisfaction is vital for any business. A customer who has to continuously wait for you to do your part may grow tired, no matter how loyal, and venture off to your competition. Rahman, et.. Research Methodology w 5. Customer satisfaction in the hotel industry: A case study from sicily. This theory was presented by Oliver , he said that satisfaction stage is the resultant of the distinction between anticipated and supposed performance. Service quality is of paramount importance for keeping the guests and critical indicator of future economic activity. We reviewed the latest research publications on the subject to help you do just that. In some cases, some hotels may not reveal their secrets to their competitors. This trend is driven in part by the growing mobile phone use and the rise of the Internet that preceded it. In fact, mobile use keeps on growing across many sectors. Customers are said to be satisfied only if there are positive confirmations of expectation. Avoid saying that you are luxury if your services are mediocre or in developing gimmicks that excite customers only to disappoint them throughout the process of working with you.

Or focus on unsatisfied customers and ask them what needs improvement. International Journal of Business and Management, 7 14r g 2.

customer service expectations in hospitality

Why measure service quality and customer satisfaction? For example, if a guest had stayed with you before, you can gather information about their experience and personalize your services.

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Your reputation.

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Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction In The Hotel Industry