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They show a slowdown in economic growth and a heightened probability of a recession in the future. Find your real estate agent today!

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For one, some metro areas outside of major cities have stayed warmer as they catch the spillover of priced-out buyers see: Tacoma. But for the pace of construction to increase in the future, we need to see permits consistently exceed starts. Crunch the numbers yourself with our free mortgage calculator and figure out a monthly payment your budget can handle. Millennials are internet savvy and do their research before house shopping. But many in this cohort are incapable of making such a financial commitment. But in some markets the shift has been far more dramatic. The number of births in latest available slipped to 3. The growth in mortgage debt from to explains about half of the variation across counties in the decline in real prices from to From what we can see, the real estate market is not going to crash.

Nashville couple Abby and John included a personal letter when they made an offer on their home. California metros had the lowest percentage of Millennials applying for a mortgage.

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Follow these tips: Know what you want. Expand your search. Supply Aside from the challenges home buyers face, builders have hurdles of their own to overcome. Home equity soaring. It affects our export sectors, but it also affects investment decisions by companies in the U.

But many in this cohort are incapable of making such a financial commitment.

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Robust U.S. Housing Market Continues To Expand Amid Recession Jitters