College worth the investment

Higher education brings additional benefits, college advocates say.

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I've written about these topics and others in a variety of outlets including The At Worth a look if you're looking for a low dollar way to invest in real estate.

Overwhelming data shows that people with college degrees earn significantly more than those without.

College worth the investment

Reduce Tuition Costs Research in state school tuition as well as other lower cost programs. So, the name of the game is to only borrow as much as makes financial sense. If you are concerned about saving for college, check with a financial advisor to discuss a college savings strategy right for you. AP courses were the key to graduating early and saving a bit on college costs. A college education is so much more than just a ticket to a better career. Seek financial aid and scholarships. Each wanted something more — a better life. You have three options. Lastly, make sure your student applies for any scholarships or grants they may qualify for. The United State ranks seventh out of 29 advanced countries in the percentage of young adults enrolled in college, and 15th in terms of the number of certificates and degrees awarded per enrollees, according to the National Center for Public Policy and Education. At issue is who is best served by a four-year college experience and what the viable alternatives should be. More: Mercedes-Benz is rolling new training program into Louisville's Portland Imagine the cost of transportation keeping you from learning. One of his favorite tools is Personal Capital , which enables him to manage his finances in just minutes each month. There are numerous ways to try to make a college education work for your child and family. While there are many pathways to success, an undergraduate degree is still the best option for those looking to earn a solid living and live in financial comfort.

More than African-American students will receive support, including mentoring, service learning opportunities and academic support services. If education is vital to success in the global economy, other countries appear to be gaining on Uncle Sam.

The same goes for college.

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Radiologists in Bangalore, India, routinely read U. On average, U. That argues for the ability to learn and adapt and pick up new skills, and that would seem to argue for going to college.

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There are tens of thousands of jobs unfilled in the Louisville area alone.

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Is College Worth the Investment?