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We can express our disappointment in human ignorance through literature. After her mother's death, her father remarries, but learns that his new wife, the widow Mrs. No matter what you opine of is not acceptable for him. Sara and her mother miss the close support of the community of women from the New York City tenements.

All of these books bear the same concept: American dream.

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But in reality it is his daughters and his wife who are the ones bringing the money home. Since Reb figuratively has the title of a bread giver he has the ultimate say on who his daughters marry.

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Sara breaks up with Max and decides to focus solely on her studies. Sara breaks through the barrier and defeats the stereotype of who the bread giver really is. She may have been one of those immigrants, along with her family, escaped the pogrom in Russia and was stopped at Ellis island from entering the US when the American President was still in the air whether it should adopt the immigrants or not. Her work featured female protagonists struggling with issues of economic survival, Americanization, and the tension between immigrant parents and their children. The rent collector demands the two months of past-due rent while Reb Smolinsky recites a hymn. Feinstein, angered that Sara refuses to give her money, writes a letter to the principal of the school, Hugo Seelig, where Sara is teaching in an attempt to discredit her. That females here are just as equal as men. Otherwise, he will hurl abuse at you, or if you are a son, he will make a man of you by punching you in the chest or stomach. No wonder there is no world peace. In addition to Bread Givers, Yezierska wrote a number of other books.

And for the hardworking Bessie, her bread giver that promised to take away her burden gave her a bigger one instead with a business to help out with and five step children to take care of.

The consequence?

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Immigrant Story: The Value of Anzia Yezierska's 'Bread Givers'