An analysis of the writing strategy used in a paragraph from edward hallet carrs the historian and h

An analysis of the writing strategy used in a paragraph from edward hallet carrs the historian and h

In the middle of writing his work, Carr came under the influence of Isaac Deutscher. In the First World War, Russia had been a weak ally, continually losing battles; and Tsarist Russia was generally regarded as inefficient, backward and tyrannical. The wish is father to the thought. Purpose, whether we are conscious of it or not, is a condition of thought; and thinking for thinking's sake is as abnormal and barren as the miser's accumulation of money for its own sake. During the Middle Ages, gold was a recognised medium of exchange. Carrs last words of advice as a diplomat was a memo urging that Britain accept the Balkans as an exclusive zone of inuence for Germany. He did so, and hoped instead for a post at Oxford. A few examples will illustrate this point. Hence the Right is weak in theory, and suffers through its inaccessibility to ideas. At present, imperfect harmony between the intellectual and trade union wings is a notorious source of embarrassment to the Labour Party. To attempt to distinguish between Marx the scientist and Marx the propagandist is idle hair-splitting.

Ethics must be interpreted in terms of politics; and the search for an ethical norm outside politics is doomed to frustration. If this is true of the physical sciences, it is true of political science in a far more intimate sense.

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For while the transmutation of lead into gold would be no nearer if everyone in the world passionately desired it, it is undeniable that if everyone really desired a "world-state" or "collective security" and meant the same thing by those terms , it would be easily attained; and the student of international politics may be forgiven if he begins by supposing that his task is to make everyone desire it. Carr ranged over the whole field of international relations, supporting what he said with knowledge of past and present. Member mean by foreign policy? Wilson was a crucial exception. Once he reached Trinity College, Cambridge he dismissed her, and she died in loneliness and penury some years later. It would discern danger in the normal workings of international politics. That is what I myself mean by policy, and it is quite clear that as the situations and conditions in foreign affairs continually change from day to day, your policy cannot be stated once and for all, if it is to be applicable to every situation that arises. The curious thing is that he went back again and again to agricultural topics, and was largely responsible for the peasant chapters of Foundations. He was born rather higher in the social scale than H. Once more, it was the product not of analysis, but of aspiration. Purpose, which should logically follow analysis, is required to give it both its initial impulse and its direction. These propositions are items in a political programme disguised as statements of fact; 4 and the utopian inhabits a dream-world of such "facts", remote from the world of reality where quite contrary facts may be observed. Free trade was the doctrine of vice of Hitlerism that, in a way quite unprece- economically powerful states, which ourished dented in German politics, it cut across all so- without protection, but would be fatal to weak cial distinctions, embracing in its ranks work- states. The work as a whole is very difficult to review, partly because of its bulk, but mainly because Carr covered his tracks, and never drew recognisable conclusions.

Yet even while war is raging, there may be some practical importance in an attempt to analyse the underlying and significant, rather than the immediate and personal, causes of the disaster. The purpose is not, as in the physical sciences, irrelevant to the investigation and separable from it: it is itself one of the facts.

There can be no ous English writer to quote Sir Oswald Mosley[84] In a doubt that British and Russian-and it may be speech on 2 June in the House of Lords, Viscount added, American-interests alike demand that Elibank attacked Carr as an active danger for his views Russian inuence in Eastern Europe should not in Conditions of Peace about a magnanimous peace with be eclipsed by that of Germany.

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Does it stand up? She adored him; she even learned Latin so as to help him with his homework. For the intellectual, the general principle was simple and straightforward; the alleged difficulties of applying it were due to obstruction by the "experts".

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Carr was not a good teacher. Secondly, the main body of the book too readily and too complacently accepts the existing nation-state, large or small, as the unit of international society, though the final chapter offers some reflexions, to which subsequent events have added point, on the size of the political and economic units of the future.

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Opposition is seldom considered.

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