Agricultural extension information sharing information technology essay

Milestones in agriculture development in India includes: Green revolution, Evergreen revolution, Blue revolution, White revolution, yellow revolution, Bio technology revolution and the most recent one is Information and communication technology revolution.

use of technology in agriculture in india

Important information relating to agriculture can easily be searched through the use of internet. Agriculture specific calculation apps: These are specially designed apps from IT professionals in agriculture.

The specific objectives were to:- i describe the socio-economic characteristics of crop farmers in the study area. Random sampling technique will be used to select the sample for this study.

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An unpublished B. Agriculture sector has adopted smartphones to facilitate their work Cheung, Mobile-enabled kisan card system to help the agricultural community engage in cashless transactions, Kisan credit card: It uses the ICT to provide affordable credit for farmers in India.

So when they receive an SMS message either containing agriculture-related advice or some other thing, this app will read aloud the content. Assets, institutions, and infrastructures to be used will be provided for by the unit which has a better capacity in implementing ICT4D technologies.

When agriculturalists will be able to obtain information about price, stock, supply and available market for their product, he would sell their products at the right price at the right time without much worry.

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Planting is beneficial in more ways than one, and having your own produce even helps assure the freshness and quality of the food your family eats. Manure Monitor: This application aids a farmer in managing and logging data regarding manure. We cannot go into the detail of each one, we will focus the important and recent ones, may be not given in the above list.

Agricultural extension information sharing information technology essay

Challenges of crop stress, soil problems, and natural disasters can be tackled effectively through these advanced technologies. History[ edit ] In , the United Nations referred to e-agriculture as "an emerging field", [20] with the expectation that its scope would change and evolve as our understanding of the area grows. They offer several facilities which rely on location parameters of the user or of the services he is looking for. How could a land title be acquired? E-agriculture can play vital role in the increased food production and productivity in India. Farmers can require extensive knowledge and information about improved farming practices, pricing strategy, market betterment, and new policy regarding agriculture technology and transfer it to among farmers. International Federation for Information Processing. He further argued that radio can be multi-faceted as among other things.

Wind profilers Other synoptic data or weather instruments, including Earth Simulator which is used to model climate and weather conditions.

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Information and communications technology in agriculture